Carter Schneider

Honolulu, HI -> New York, New York



Carter Schneider is an editorial and freelance photographer, that specializes in event and editorial photography. 

Schneider is attending Parsons for a BFA in Photography and Eugene Lang for a BA in Culture and Media. 

Born in Spain and raised in Oahu, Carter Schneider is a Korean, Native American, German, and Spanish trans-masculine person (they/them). Schneider has given presentations on gender identity at UC Berkeley and UH Manoa. Schneider's own queer identity shapes their art and is documented through their filmmaking. Schneider is currently in the process of a photo project that captures the faces of lgbtq+ youth (Baby Gay Series). 


My work focuses on people/portraiture and capturing all types of people. Growing up in Hawaii, multicultural identity has shaped my entire life and it is through embracing diversity that I document the photographs that I do. I work heavily with the queer community and the nightlife scene, as I am the photographer for BOUND (a queer and trans inclusive BDSM event in Brooklyn).

I spent the past two years from 2015-2017 as a mentor, facilitator, and teacher at Hawaii Women in Filmmaking.

Work with Me

Want to start a new media project or want photos taken? I'd love to collaborate with you! 

Contact me at: [email protected]

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